Internal Rules

We wish everyone a pleasant trip to us and back. Take adequate safety measures and insurance to prevent accidents and inconvenience. Road code must be followed. The vehicles and loads must be in order in terms of vehicle inspection and loads in accordance with the usual legislation. All this is Your responsibility.


We ask you to always use the provided bins.


The organization of the Treffen can under no circumstances be held directly or indirectly responsible for theft and any personal or material damage during the duration of the event.

The vehicles must have valid registration and insurance to participate in the tour, and all drivers must have a valid driver’s license.


Technical assistance is provided during the event in case of breakdown with your NSU. More information about this at the reception.


The camping reception closes at 7 pm.

At 10 pm it is no longer possible to enter or leave the campsite with a vehicle! Make sure to arrive earlier!

Dogs are allowed on the campsite.
We ask that you always keep them on a leash except in the designated area on the campsite.

The power outlet are provided for type E house plugs (choice of 6 or 10 amps.)
If you have a blue CEE plug, you can use an adapter. More info at the reception.

You may make a barbecue on the site, but it must be at least 50 cm from the ground.
Please do not leave the ashes on site floor afterwards.

We try to ensure that night silence is respected after 11 pm.